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Chapter Spotlight: Danbury High School

The NEHS Chapter Spotlight project shares examples of outstanding literacy work being undertaken by chapters around the world. Categories for submission are Academic Focus; Community Engagement; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Collaborative Projects. In this edition, the Danbury Hatters Chapter at Danbury High School in Danbury, CT, shares details about two new programs they have established this academic school year. Submissions for Chapter Spotlights will be open December 11, 2023 through January 8, 2024.

Hayestown Extended Learning Program & Broadview Creative Writing Club

The Danbury High School NEHS chapter was able to implement two new ideas that have run successfully throughout the 2022-2023 academic year. We established connections with our local elementary and middle schools through these outstanding programs.

Hayestown ELP Program

NEHS students in grades 10-12 signed up to become tutors for students in the Hayestown ELP program and have been working with them  every Tuesday afternoon from 3:30 to 5:30 since the beginning of the academic year.

Traveling with the same group of students established an amazing connection for both the elementary kids and NEHS volunteers and proved to be extremely effective in working with them on various topics surrounding reading, writing, English, and more.

Each student volunteer was paired up with 1 or 2 kids from Hayestown at the start to ensure that a comfortable relationship was established and learning became efficient. Homework help included support with topics like grammar, punctuation, spelling, subject-verb agreement, and playing the syllable clap games. In addition to homework, we often have crossword puzzles, word searches, and other matching word activities that are linked to coloring or stickers to develop interest in learning and participating.

We always have a wide variety of books and activity books in various genres and levels to ensure that a good amount of reading is completed within the time we are there so the children can be pushed to read challenging pieces. Drawing and coloring are great opportunities to link artistic skills with literacy, reading, and writing to keep the students engaged and ensure they are having fun as they learn.

Other than playing the role of a tutor to help the students, the ultimate goal is to act as a partner or “buddy” for the students to help create healthy learning habits and good discipline when it comes to school and work.

Broadview Creative Writing Club 

Another new idea that was implemented this year is “The Creative Writing Club” at Broadview Middle School. This targeted an older group of students who were more independent and capable of learning advanced subjects within English literature.

Each week a new topic is chosen and an agenda/slideshow is created to present to the students at Broadview. Some topics taught include dialogues in narratives, collaboration, poetry, and memoirs. Four stations are set up with about 15-20 minutes given at each station before students transition to the next. One station is always homework help so students can get help with writing assignments, learning new vocabulary, or completing weekly reading assignments. The other stations are designed by NEHS students with activities that surround the goals of the unit being taught that week. This often includes activities where examples are presented, interactive lessons to learn the nuances of a particular unit, and then a station where students can create their own piece of work to showcase new skills and try a new writing strategy.

Sreeja Terala is a senior at Danbury High School and a dedicated member of NEHS. She works incredibly hard to develop a love for reading and writing within the DHS community. 



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