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Chapter Spotlight: The Woodlands College Park High School

The NEHS Chapter Spotlight project shares examples of outstanding literacy work being undertaken by chapters around the world. Categories for submission are Academic Focus; Community Engagement; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and Collaborative Projects. In this edition, the Cavalier English Honors Society Chapter at The Woodlands College Park High School in The Woodlands, TX, shares details about their annual Read in the Weeds event. Submissions for Chapter Spotlights will be open December 11, 2023 through January 8, 2024.

Spring into a New NEHS Activity!

When was the last time you read a book outside? On a beautiful weekend in March, the Cavalier English Honors Society Chapter of NEHS held our annual Read in the Weeds event. Members gathered in a local park to sit in the sun, enjoy nature, and read. After a quiet block of time designated for reading, they discussed their experience, sharing book titles and stories before completing a reflection.

As experienced readers know, your reading environment can greatly influence your reading experience. Here are some observations from participating members:

“I felt really connected to the book because there were no distractions.”—Riley Oberg

“The environment greatly impacted my reading experience; . . . it didn’t feel as constrained as reading inside.”—Sharon Paul

“I enjoyed sitting in the sun and being around other people who were also reading.”—Isabella Woodhead

“I would say that it was really nice to have a change of scenery instead of just reading in my room. I definitely think it impacted my reading in a good way. It was just nice to be outside in the sun and doing something I love to do.”—Elizabeth Dillard

Planning a Read in the Weeds event for your own chapter is simple. Start by selecting two dates, a primary and a “raincheck” date. Then find your location. Our chapter is lucky to have several public parks close to the school that we can choose from, but our back up locations include on-campus locations like the athletic field bleachers and student parking lot. Ideally you want an area that offers enough space for your members to find a comfortable (and safe) sitting spot (in the shade or sun). We schedule a one-to-two-hour block of time for the entire event; although, you might want to extend this if you add additional activities.

The beauty of a Read in the Weeds event is its flexibility. From a one hour read-in with a short reflection to a two- or three-hour reading, games, and picnic event, it offers your members the opportunity for a new reading experience. This event also gives your chapter a chance to interact with other NEHS, Sigma Tau Delta, or Sigma Kappa Delta chapters in the area. This activity is also a fantastic way to introduce your community to NEHS by inviting the parents, siblings, and friends of your members to participate. As springtime approaches, consider organizing your own Read in the Weeds event!

Chapter Spotlights

NEHS encourages chapters to participate in the Chapter Spotlight opportunity, sharing outstanding literacy work being done at the chapter level across the society. Chapters are asked to send information and documentation in any of the categories listed below. The NEHS Advisory Council will select the best of the submissions as “spotlight” chapters that will be recognized through NEHS social media outlets and the NEHS Museletter blog; selected chapters will receive a $50 award and a certificate.

All chapters submitting documentation of their excellent work automatically become eligible for the Outstanding Chapter Award presented in the spring. Chapters are limited to three submissions in a year, and each submission should be from a different category. Chapters must submit evidence of their work by attaching documents, including pictures and/or videos, to the submission form. Submissions may only be made during designated periods throughout the year (see schedule below). Only active chapters may send submissions; inactive or suspended chapters must become current with fee payments and members enrollments before submitting projects. Members of the NEHS Advisory Council will review submissions and select the “spotlight” chapters.


1. Academic Focus

This category will demonstrate how a chapter works to establish or maintain a project focused on supporting the academic growth of a target audience within their school or local community.

2. Community Engagement

The purpose of this category is to demonstrate how NEHS chapters are focused on promoting life-long learning and the celebration of reading, writing, film, and the arts in their local community.

3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This category will demonstrate how NEHS chapters are promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in various forms within their school or local community.

4. Collaborative Projects

The purpose of this category is to demonstrate how NEHS chapters are working with other NEHS chapters, other high school Honor Societies, or Sigma Tau Delta and Sigma Kappa Delta chapters on collaborative projects impacting their school or local community.

Application Dates

Applications for the winter 2023-2024 Chapter Spotlight cycle will be accepted December 11, 2023 through January 8, 2024, with acceptances announced February 29.

Learn more about contributing a Chapter Spotlight!

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