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International Chapter Protocols

National English Honor Society (NEHS) is making some changes to how it works with its growing cohort of international chapters with the aim of streamlining processes to continue providing the best possible service.

International chapters of the NEHS enrich the diversity and significance of the Society by allowing students and educators from around the world to connect with the ever-growing network of NEHS chapters and engage in literacy projects, English-immersion, and academic collegiality.

While international chapters are conferred all the powers and privileges authorized by the NEHS constitution upon the issuance of a charter, there are some unique challenges faced when incorporating international chapters into the Society. In order to facilitate international chapter integration into NEHS, we request that international chapters abide by the following guidelines:

  1. Chartering a Chapter
  2. Enrolling Student Members
  3. Payment of All Fees

All international chapters, Chapter Advisors, and student members are eligible to participate in all scholarships and awards provided by NEHS.

Visit the International Chapters page of our website for more information.

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