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022619-Common Reader Survey

Thank you to those able to participate in the recent Common Reader survey. We’d also like to apologize for the technology glitch that did not allow more than one choice (rather than the requested three) for recommendations from this year’s list. Most respondents simply added their other two choices in the “other titles” box—resourceful and helpful! Here are some of the results:

  • 93% agreed that giving students choice of more than one title was appropriate, although the remaining 7% provided some very thoughtful comments the Advisory Council will consider.
  • 12% of respondents indicate they incorporate the Common Reader into course syllabi each year, a higher percentage than we thought. The intent of attaching the scholarship awards with a requirement to read one of two selected texts has always been to give students an independent reading task rather than a guided reading experience.
  • Fully 93% of Advisors report that their seniors are encouraged to apply for NEHS Merit scholarships.

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