Coming Soon: The New NEHS Website

By the time student members and Chapter Advisors return to school, you will be able to visit the new NEHS website!

The new site has been designed considering suggestions made by Chapter Advisors in the Chapter Annual Report. The new site will be easier to navigate, have less repeated information, ensure that key information is easy to access from the homepage, and will provide detailed information for both Chapter Advisors and student members.

The new user-friendly design will make finding information on computers, tablets, and cellphones easier. Clear menus aimed at specific audiences (teachers, students) will mean accessing information is quicker, too.

The new site will allow NEHS to provide even more engaging content about the projects and activities being undertaken by chapters and their members. This will include articles, photo collages, videos, audio clips, and creative work.

Even more Chapter Advisor resources will be provided on the new site. The site will provide support with enrolling students, paying student membership fees, and completing the annual affiliation fee process. The new site also provides space for even more Chapter Advisor awards, grants, and scholarships.

The annual calendar of NEHS activities will feature prominently on the homepage and will ensure that all members of the NEHS Community can see what is going on and when. Additionally, each NEHS activity will be listed alongside a PDF and PNG poster which Advisors can share with their student members either virtually or as a printed document.

Finally, the new site will also include developed community engagement features, such as the ability to quickly and easily send NEHS photos of chapter activities you would like to see featured on NEHS social media. This will allow us to showcase even more student achievements, not just those associated with winning NEHS awards, grants, and scholarships. This will give more chapters a voice.

We are working hard to ensure that the new site meets the needs of all our stakeholders and look forward to receiving your feedback when the site is launched.

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