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2020 Banned Books Week Social Media Contest

092120-BBW Contest

In celebration of Banned Books Week Sigma Tau Delta and National English Honor Society are teaming up to host the fifth annual Banned Books Week social media contest. To participate you must tag us in a post on any of the following social media accounts:

What to do in your post:

Books are banned for a variety of reasons. Take your own original photo of your favorite banned book and share with us (on one social media platform) one of the reasons it has been contested. If you wish to post on a second platform, please choose a second banned book to post about.

The contest will run from Sunday, September 27-Saturday, October 3. Everyone who participates during this time frame will be entered in a drawing to win one of three $25 Amazon gift cards. A $45 Amazon gift card also will be awarded for the best overall post.


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