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Fall Contest and Grant Winners Announced

Decisions have been made for all the early fall NEHS grants and contests. Please join us in congratulating the recipients of the September/October Poetry Contest (read the winning poems in last week’s blog), Chapter Project Grants, Classroom Library Grants, and the Intellectual Freedom Challenge!

Poetry Contest

  • Eliana Mendoza, Edgewood High School, CA
  • Zoe Steelman, All Saints Academy, FL
  • Hanley Renney, All Saints Academy, FL
  • Disha Kumar, Northview High School, GA
  • Amanda Vasquez, City of Pembroke Pines Charter High School, FL
  • Grace Ogden, Saint Mary’s Hall, TX
  • Ali Dunn, Saint Mary’s Hall, TX
  • Maria Fischer, Joliet Catholic Academy, IL
  • Audrey Nagel-Schoonmaker, Antioch Community High School, IL

Chapter Project Grants

  • Instituto Blaise Pascale, Oaxaca, MX ($200)
  • Rocky Point High School, NY ($200)

Classroom Library Grant

  • Sara DeSantis, Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA ($400)

Intellectual Freedom Challenge

  • Grace Boynes, The Ursuline School, NY ($100)
  • Jane Connelly, The Ursuline School, NY ($100)
  • Katherine Parr, Florida Virtual School, FL ($100)
  • Troy Alkesandria, Etowah High School, GA ($100)
  • Elliot Strauch, Saint Mary’s Hall, TX ($100)
  • Maria Jose Perez Aguirre, Instituto Blaise Pascale, MX ($100)

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