The ELA Honor Society

For many years, NEHS has been contemplating how to expand its reach to other groups interested in an English-focused Honor Society. The result is a new program for middle school students (grades 6-9), the English Language Arts Honor Society.

The ELA Honor Society will be a vibrant community of students and teachers, from all walks of life, united in their passion for the English Language Arts. Its programs, activities, grants, and awards will encourage student excellence and nurture potential. It also aims for breadth, and its programs are planned to expand into fields related to the English Language Arts such as student journalism, communications, media production, and other forms of creative production.

Our hope is that the ELA Honor Society will provide a home to any middle school student or teacher interested in the English Language Arts and an experience that will foster creativity, engagement, and academic prowess.

We hope that the ELA Honor Society will be a great success but for that to happen we need your help. Please share this information with as many interested middle school teachers, principals, and parents as you possibly can. Only by spreading the word about the ELA Honor Society will it be able to grow and, hopefully, reach the same level of success as NEHS.

Learn more about the ELA Honor Society.

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