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Thank you—and Farewell

As the school year draws to a close and my retirement begins, I want to take this moment to thank everyone involved in NEHS: my colleagues in the Central Office, the brilliant and thoughtful Advisory Council, the hundreds of Chapter Advisors, and the thousands of students who have worked to make NEHS such an important leader among academic honor societies. When I became Director in 2008, NEHS was a fledgling organization with fewer than 100 chapters; today, we boast close to 950 active chapters worldwide, with more added almost weekly. The vision of my dear friend and our Executive Director, William C. Johnson, has been realized. I am confident that the new Director will move the Society forward with energy and grace.

When I was teaching, I gifted my graduating seniors each year with a poem written by Dennis C. Carrithers, an English teacher from West Hartford, CT, entitled “Parting—A Reply—Adieu.” Here’s the final stanza:

Go now on your great, good journey
Through the rivers of your mind,
Taking soundings as you drift,
Finding hidden caverns full of love.


Dave WendelinDave Wendelin
NEHS Director Emeritus


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