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NEHSXpress has been published monthly over the summer. This edition is the last of those publications; starting August 31, NEHSXpress will resume with regular editions approximately every two weeks throughout the school year. The Central Office will return to a five-day week beginning August 16. Feel free to contact us as the need arises, either by calling (815) 981-8682 or via email at, and we will answer your questions as soon as possible.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Cami Badman, Sullivan High School, Sullivan, IL, and Christopher Lockwood, Instituto Blaise Pascale, Oaxaca, MX, to the NEHS Advisory Council. Badman takes the place of Stephanie Robertson, Midwest Region representative, who is retiring at the end of May. Lockwood joins the Council as our International Region representative. Both are already actively participating in Society work and are available if you have any questions about chapter activities. Contact information may be found at

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