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Teacher Appreciation Week 2023

Teacher Appreciation Week 2023 will be taking place May 8 – 12. The National Education Association, which spearheads Teacher Appreciation Week efforts, is focusing on the importance of listening to teachers with the aim of fostering respect and support for educators in the United States and beyond.

We all know that high-quality teaching is of paramount importance (where would we be without teachers?), but it is also a profession that is chronically undervalued by society, consistently under-resourced by governments, and increasingly under threat as more and more teachers choose to leave the education industry.

To that end, it is important that every teacher feels heard, respected, and supported, so they can continue doing what they do best: transforming young people into inquisitive, motivated, and talented human beings who will work for the benefit of their local and global communities.

So, how will you be showing your respect and support for the teachers and NEHS Chapter Advisors at your school? The Edvocate magazine shares some ideas for making the 2023 Teacher Appreciation Week a memorable one.

Showcase your NEHS chapter’s Teacher Appreciation Week activities with us at @englishmatters on Instagram.

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