NEHS Leadership

Spring Induction and Enrollment

As the spring induction season approaches, remember that the student membership fee is now $15; the change was effective July 1, 2021, and has been announced repeatedly throughout the year. Please make sure to collect the correct amount from your new inductees and send the appropriate amount through the NEHS Connect system. Graduation merchandise costs have also increased by $1 for both honor cords and medallions.

Advisors are also reminded that new members must be ENROLLED in NEHS Connect to be considered active members eligible for recognition as NEHS members. INDUCTING new members at the school level must include ENROLLMENT in the database.

Finally, the Central Office requests that all Chapter Advisors carefully double check their data entries when entering new information into NEHS Connect. If this work is delegated to a department secretary or student officer, please also check their work for correct entry and spelling of student names before submitting.

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