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Student Membership Fee

Milton NEHS Spring Membership Drive 2020 Source: Twitter @NEHS_MILTON

As announced in the spring, beginning July 1, 2021, the NEHS student membership fee increased to $15. We have been able to maintain the original fee structure for NEHS since 2005, but now find it necessary to make this adjustment due to rising costs.

The fee remains a “one-time” fee regardless of when members are inducted. These funds, along with chartering fees and annual affiliation fees support all programs of NEHS, including awarding of scholarships; we were able to award $61,500 this past year to graduating seniors.

For student members in schools with high free and reduced lunch populations or for students with unique, perhaps temporary, family circumstances, we have developed an application process allowing Advisors to request a fee reduction to $5. The application will be available on the NEHS website soon.

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