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Spring Induction and Enrollment

If you are planning a spring induction ceremony, please remember to enroll your students and pay their membership fees as soon as possible to ensure that your students certificates arrive on time for your special event!

Currently, shipping times are estimated at 2-3 weeks. Expedited shipping is available upon request.

All NEHS enrollments should be logged on NEHS Connect, our one-stop shop for enrolling students, paying their membership fees, and the general administration of your Chapter. New members must be ENROLLED in NEHS Connect to be considered active members eligible for recognition as NEHS members. INDUCTING new members at the school level must include ENROLLMENT in the database.

Induction Ceremonies are very important, highlighting the importance and honor that accompanies student membership of NEHS. NEHS honor cords, pins, medallions, and banners are available to make your chapter’s induction ceremony even more special! Chapter Advisors should login to NEHS Connect and head to the Chapter Store to see the full range of merchandise available.

Guides to organizing Induction Ceremonies and a sample script are available on the NEHS website to help you plan and execute a truly memorable ceremony.

Finally, the Central Office requests that all Chapter Advisors carefully double check their data entries when entering new information into NEHS Connect. If this work is delegated to a department secretary or student officer, please also check their work for correct entry and spelling of student names before submitting.

Share photos of your Chapter’s Induction Ceremony with us at @englishmatters on Instagram.

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