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Grants and Awards for Chapter Advisors

NEHS is very grateful to its Chapter Advisor for all the work they do to support NEHS and their student members. To that end, the Advisory Council makes it a priority to ensure that Chapter Advisors have the opportunity to be recognized for the selfless work they do through the John L. Manear Outstanding Advisor Awards. This year the Advisory Council is working closely with NCTE to ensure that teachers can gain some recognition for the creativity and academic rigor they bring to their classes via the first NCTE-NEHS ELA Innovation Award. Submissions to both awards can be made between December 11, 2023, and January 8, 2024.

Chapter Advisors wishing to expand their knowledge of the connections between English and American art can apply for NEHS scholarships to join the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Summer Institute.

John L. Manear Outstanding Advisor Awards

The John L. Manear Outstanding Advisor Awards are given in remembrance of the contributions John made to the National English Honor Society.

They are presented annually to Advisors who have given generously of time, talent, creativity, and leadership to an NEHS chapter. The awards recognize Advisors who foster the spirit of academic excellence and community service in their work with chapter members.

The John L. Manear Awards comprise one Outstanding Advisor award of $500 and two smaller awards of $250 each.

Learn more and apply online.

NCTE-NEHS English Language Arts Innovation Awards

The NCTE-NEHS Award for English Language Arts Innovation provides opportunities for dedicated teachers to be rewarded for the innovations they are making in high school English Language Arts education around the world. The award will generate a bank of high-quality innovative lesson plans and teacher resources, which can be accessed freely by all members of the NEHS and NCTE communities with the aim of improving the quality of lesson planning and lesson execution within high school English Language Arts classrooms.

NEHS and NCTE are providing 1 first place award of $500; 2 second place awards of $350; 2 third place awards of $250; and 3 honorable mention awards of $100.

Learn more and submit your lesson plans and classroom resources for consideration today.

NEHS-Smithsonian Institute Scholarships

NEHS is working with the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) to provide opportunities for Chapter Advisors to enrich their teaching practice by taking part in the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Summer Institutes: Teaching the Humanities through Art, a focused exploration of the connections among American art, social studies, history, and English/language arts. The Summer Institute aims to improve the quality of lesson planning and lesson execution within high school English Language Arts classrooms by using American art to make interdisciplinary connections, foster critical thinking skills, and develop visual literacy among students.

NEHS will provide one scholarship of up to $1,500 and the Smithsonian Institute will provide one scholarship of up to $1,500 to the two best NEHS Chapter Advisor applications received. Course fees will be waived for scholarship recipients.

Learn more about the NEHS-Smithsonian scholarship program.

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