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Filmmaking & Journalism Competitions

In April, NEHS student members will be able to submit work to both our Documentary Filmmaking Creative Challenge and our new NEHS-Harvard Crimson Student Journalism Award. Read on to learn more about both these opportunities.

Documentary Filmmaking Creative Challenge

NEHS is working closely with Journey’s in Film to widen student access to documentary filmmaking opportunities, to encourage teachers to incorporate documentary filmmaking into their classrooms, and to engage with students interested in film as a story-telling medium. Our documentary filmmaking competition is focused on the efforts being made by organizations to improve literacy within student members’ local communities.

Student production teams should plan, write, edit, and submit a documentary film about the impact a local literacy-focused organization or project is having on their community. Films must highlight the problem being faced by the community and how that problem is being addressed by the organization or project.

Student production teams should also submit a one-page essay outlining their social impact campaign for the film, specifically highlighting the ways they will work to increase the film’s reach and the ability of the film to inspire viewers to take action.

Find out more about the documentary filmmaking creative challenge. Submissions can be made via the NEHS AwardSpring system between April 15 and April 29, 2024.

NEHS-Harvard Crimson Student Journalism Awards

NEHS is proud to work with The Harvard Crimson to provide an opportunity for students to share their journalistic skills with the world. The aim of this competition is to recognize high school students who, through the study and practice of student journalism, have made a significant contribution to their own lives, the lives of others, the school they attend, and the community in which they live via digital or print journalism. We hope that this competition will encourage NEHS Chapters around the world to found a student publication and teachers to incorporate student journalism into their classrooms.

The NEHS-Harvard Crimson Student Publication Award is given to the editorial boards of on-going student-led school-wide journalistic publications produced at schools with active NEHS chapters. The award recognizes quality and style in both writing and presentation.

The NEHS-Harvard Crimson Student Article Award is given to the author of an article published in an on-going, student-led, school-wide journalistic publications produced at a school with an active NEHS chapter. The award recognizes quality in both content and journalistic style.

Winners receive cash prizes and remote summer internships at the Harvard Crimson.

Submissions can be made via the NEHS AwardSpring system between April 15 and April 29, 2024.

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