Creative Challenges

Winter Creative Challenge: Script Writing

NEHS is aware that drama (both contemporary and classic) is slowly being eroded from high school English curricula. This creative challenge aims to engage students with pieces of literature that they may not be familiar with, and to foster a love, and understanding, of script writing as a creative process. This winter’s Creative Challenge will focus on William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Applicants should consider the wider themes and motifs discussed in their chosen scene and focus on updating it to their particular local geographic and cultural context. Applicants should read The Tempest to gain some overall context of the play. Students can also consult various film versions of the play, available online. Students should select one of the following key scenes for detailed study:

  • Act I, Scene II;
  • Act II, Scene II;
  • Act III, Scene I; or
  • Act V, Scene I.

Students should re-write one of these scenes, bringing it up-to-date and making specific reference to the student’s local cultural and geographic context. Learn more about the Winter Creative Challenge and submit your work online. Applications open on December 11, 2023, and close on January 8, 2024.

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