December/January Flash Fiction Contest

Nearly 300 six-word stories were submitted for the first of this year’s writing contests! Such participation is amazing—we are so pleased the Writing Contest is generating interest and, more importantly, excellent writing! The Advisory Council will begin evaluations soon with results announced soon after Thanksgiving.

New submission windows have also been established for the next contests. For the December/January submission cycle we will be accepting “Letters,” ranging from 75-150 words, written to a person who has influenced the writer in some way. Submissions will be accepted between December 12 and January 9. For the final Writing Contest cycle of the school year we will be looking for “Personal Memoirs,” 200-350 words in length, to be submitted in April.

All entries for the December/January cycle will be uploaded through AwardSpring. Learn more about this year’s submission and eligibility guidelines. The best flash fiction selected during each phase of the contest this year become finalists eligible for monetary awards at the end of the school year.

Please note: NEHS will contact Advisors if applicants submit writing that suggests the need for possible intervention.


Flash Fiction Writing Contest
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