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New: Bulk Upload for Membership Enrollment

051920-Bulk Enrollment

We are pleased to announce that a new feature has been added to NEHS Connect. It will now be possible for Advisors to create a cvs file with information for new members to upload into NEHS Connect. This option will not replace the current system of adding names individually, but may prove to be more efficient, particularly for those chapters that typically enroll more than twenty-five new members each year. Advisors will find a new tab under “Chapter Management” within NEHS Connect; specific instructions will be in NEHS Connect and the NEHS website.

As we near the end of this very challenging school year, we encourage all chapters to explore ways to enroll new members. It is difficult to predict how schools will open in the fall and in what configurations, but engaging students in academic societies like NEHS may bring a sense of “normalcy” to both Advisors and members. We thank you for all you’ve done these past few months to stay connected to your NEHS members—you have all met the challenges with grace, determination, and amazingly hard work.