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Fall Enrollment & Induction Ceremony Resources

In many places, August and September herald the start of the new academic year and, for lots of students, their enrollment in the National English Honor Society.

To help Chapter Advisors navigate the process of fall enrollment, induction ceremonies, and other NEHS and chapter activities, we have produced a series of resources we hope will reduce workload and stress and will streamline the process.


Each student member must pay a one-time $15 membership fee. This fee is paid by the Chapter Advisor through the NEHS Connect system. Reductions in the membership fees are available to students with difficult economic situations.

A written guide for Chapter Advisors about how to complete student enrollment is available on our website, along with a video tutorial.

Chapter Officer Elections

Each chapter should elect new Chapter Officers each year. Descriptions of the roles of Chapter Officers are available on the NEHS website. Chapters are able to adapt the roles offered to meet the needs of their student members. For example, many chapters now include an events organizer or social media coordinator as Chapter Officers.

Induction Ceremonies

An editable script for Induction Ceremonies is available for Chapter Advisors and Chapter Officers to download. We encourage chapters to make changes to the document where they see fit, but to maintain the formality and importance of the ceremony. We encourage Chapter Advisors and schools to share photos of Induction Ceremonies by tagging us @englishmatters on Instagram.

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