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NCTE and NEHS Support Teachers

Sigma Tau Delta and NEHS have developed a growing partnership with National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Long a support for English teachers and professors, NCTE consistently advocates for the profession. A recent statement from NCTE, entitled “Remaining in Solidarity with Teachers,” reads:

We see teachers. We honor teachers. We respect teachers. We recognize the full humanity of teachers and affirm their unwavering commitment to students, families, and communities. In fact, we are fully aware that every single day, teachers are engaging in important, necessary, and hard work, often under hostile conditions and within dehumanizing environments that increasingly question their commitments, their expertise, and their teaching. . . . 

NCTE lovingly and courageously respects teachers and the teaching profession, today and always. Join us as we honor, respect, and advocate on behalf of teachers and students.

NEHS stands with NCTE in their support of teachers.

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