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Chapter Advisor Enrichment Grant

National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Alabama. Photo Credit: Kris Bailey, Sigma Tau Delta Lambda Iota Tau (LIT) Grant recipient

Interested in giving your students a unique glimpse opportunity to engage with the texts you teach? If so, the NEHS Chapter Advisor Enrichment Grant is for you!

The NEHS Chapter Advisor Enrichment Grant provides funding for NEHS Chapter Advisors to enrich their teaching practice by taking part in literary activities related to texts and authors they will teach during the coming academic year through a self-designed academic/research experience. It aims to improve the quality of English Language Arts experiences students receive within high school classrooms by using teachers’ own firsthand experiences and reflections in teaching dynamics.

Example projects might include Chapter Advisor visits to places of literary significance, museums, libraries, and/or exhibitions.

Those of us teaching texts focused on the importance of peace and justice might want to visit the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Alabama, or the National Center for Civil and Human Rights. Advisors preparing courses focused on Children’s Literature might visit Princeton University’s Firestone Library, home to collections of work on Lewis Carroll and Beatrix Potter. Those leading courses on the Gilded Age might benefit from opportunities to engage with Edith Wharton’s manuscripts at Yale.

Applications for this wonderful new award are open through April 29, 2024, via NEHS AwardSpring.

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