People, Presence, and Perseverance: My Experience at the Vanderbilt Summer Academy

At the Opening Ceremonies of Vanderbilt Summer Academy, we were introduced to three words that would guide our experiences during the three-week intensive academic program: People, Presence, and Perseverance. Throughout the three weeks spent in my Novel Writing class, I … Continue reading

Junior Summer Study Program Facilitates Immense Personal Growth

I began my summer at the St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program (ASP), Concord, NH, with one goal: to do something that challenged or scared me every day. I, like many of my peers, fall into routines. I tend to gravitate … Continue reading

Junior Summer Study Stipend Results in Unforgettable Learning Experience

Elijah Waldon 2015 Junior Summer Study Stipend Winner Franklin Academy Patriots Chapter Franklin Academy High School, Wake Forest, NC At first, I expected the Young Writer’s Workshop at the University of North Carolina Wilmington to be just a chance to … Continue reading