NCTE Resources for Book Challenges

Educators across the country are being bombarded with challenges to book selections and curricular decisions; as English teachers, we are the prime targets for these intense and frightening confrontations. The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) has a vast array of information, including rationales for teaching texts that are often challenged. Having such resources in hand may diffuse some of the arguments being leveled at schools.


National Council of Teachers of English resources include rationales for teaching particular texts, information on how to establish district/school policies concerning book selection and intellectual freedom, and a hotline to report censorship challenges.

NCTE Intellectual Freedom Center

See also resources from the National Coalition Against Censorship and the American Library Association.


National Coalition Against Censorship’s mission is “every generation of Americans faces new and significant challenges to free expression. For almost 50 years, NCAC has acted as a first responder to protect this freedom, which is both a fundamental human right and a keystone of democracy in the ever-changing American nation.”

NCAC Censorship Resources


American Library Association, sponsor of Banned Books Week, which NEHS participates in each year, has many resources to support educators.

ALA Office for Intellectual Freedom Resources

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