Kayte Nunn On-Demand Webinar & Bonus Material

NEHS held its webinar with Kayte Nunn, author of the NEHS Common Reader The Botanist’s Daughter on Tuesday, November 7. This wonderful event was attended by hundreds of NEHS student members and Chapter Advisors from around the world, and included questions submitted by students.

The webinar was recorded and is now available as an on-demand resource on the NEHS YouTube channel for students and Chapter Advisors.

We highly encourage NEHS students and Chapter Advisors to subscribe to our YouTube channel for bonus Kayte Nunn webinar material and to receive other on-demand video resources from NEHS periodically.

Further content from the Kayte Nunn webinar will be published on NEHS social media, particularly on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow us on those platforms to ensure that you don’t miss out!

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