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061421-Folger Shakes

The Folger Shakespeare Library continues its fine tradition of “all things Shakespeare” with new publications, activities, and events. Of particular note for the month of June are the following:

Shakespeare Unlimited Podcast

Geoffrey Marsh on Shakespeare’s Neighbors

What would we find out about you if we got to know your neighbors? What if we took a walk around the neighborhood where you live?

That’s the way that Geoffrey Marsh hopes to learn more about Shakespeare in his new book, Living with Shakespeare. Starting with a 1598 tax roll that lists Shakespeare’s name among the residents of St. Helen’s parish, the historian and director of the theater and performances collections of the Victoria and Albert Museum meets the people and explores the places that surrounded Shakespeare in the late 1590s. The people include lord mayors, an unusual concentration of doctors, and Shakespeare’s savvy but combative colleague James Burbage. The places include St. Helen’s Church, the Theatre, and a notable well about a hundred yard’s from Shakespeare’s house. Geoffrey Marsh is interviewed by Barbara Bogaev.

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Shakespeare and Beyond Blog

‘Good Peter Quince’: Shakespeare’s most autobiographical character

Is it Hamlet? Is it Prospero from The Tempest? No, Austin Tichenor argues that a humble carpenter in A Midsummer Night’s Dream is in fact Shakespeare’s most autobiographical character. Why? Peter Quince “is, like Shakespeare, a total man of the theater,” Tichenor writes.

Quiz: Shakespeare Characters in Disguise

Shakespeare’s plays are full of characters who pretend to be someone else. Take this quiz to see if you can match each character with the false name they assume as part of their disguise. Take the quiz now!

What to Watch in June

This month, Shakespeare theaters across the country are bringing live theater back! Take a look at what the Folger’s theater partners have onstage this month, along with virtual talks, online streaming shows, and audio productions.

Mark your calendar.

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