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More Pride, Less Prejudice

NEHS believes that the free expression of diverse experiences can powerfully, and positively, transform our world. NEHS encourages student members and Chapter Advisors to challenge social constructs around gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation to ensure that all NEHS members are supported, empowered, celebrated, and able to embrace their authentic selves in all aspects of NEHS Chapter life.

NEHS has designed a new T-shirt, crewneck sweatshirt, and sticker to honor our LGBTQIA+ Chapter Advisors and student members. The new Pride items are available at Shop NEHS.

All NEHS proceeds from the sale of our new Pride merchandise will be donated to the Stemmler/Dennis LGBT& Awards for LGBTQIA+ themed critical and creative writing, which, every year, provide an opportunity for LGBTQIA+ young people to be recognized for their literary and scholarly contributions and to celebrate voices that often go unheard.

Purchase your More Pride, Less Prejudice merchandise at Shop NEHS.

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