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Graduation Photo Competition & Annual Report Drawing Winners

NEHS received a huge number of submissions to our Graduation Photo Competition this year and struggled to pick winners in each of the categories: Best Individual Photo, Best Group Photo, and Most Creative Photo.

The winners, each of whom will receive a $25 check, are:

Best Individual Photo: Talia Jackson, International High School of New Orleans, LA

Best Group Photo: Elisa Gauntner, Westlake High School, OH

Most Creative Photo: Reese Brownell, Pelham High School, AL

Congratulations to Talia, Elisa, and Reese and all our NEHS graduates 2023.

Each year, NEHS requests that Chapter Advisors complete the Chapter Annual Report. All respondents to the survey are entered into a drawing to win $100. This year’s winner is Kristen Wallace from Deer Park High School, NY. Congratulations, Kristen!

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