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100119-Writing Opportunities

The new Poetry Challenge has launched; NEHS members, both students and Advisors, are encouraged to submit original poetry each month based on a list of chosen topics. Forms for submission may be found under the “Writing” tab on the NEHS website; we would love to showcase the creative writing of NEHS members!

Clearly, writing is an integral part of all our lives, whether in the form of a short tweet, an email, or a long report for school or work. NEHS supports the effort of the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) to highlight the importance of writing with the National Day on Writing (October 20).

If Advisors are also NCTE members, consider joining the NCTE Writes professional learning opportunity that will focus on writing instruction and inspiration for educators! Visit NCTE for more information.

How might your NEHS chapter promote the importance of writing in your community? Share your ideas and, if you craft an event, send any pictures and a short article to; we will share your efforts on the NEHS social media platforms.

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