Chapter Life

Opening of Schools and Virtual Meetings/Membership Inductions


We know starting school this year will be different for many of you; please don’t hesitate to reach out to your regional representatives or the Central Office if you have questions or concerns. NEHS encourages Advisors to reach out to potential new members, to conduct membership campaigns digitally as necessary, and to plan for virtual induction ceremonies as circumstances warrant. Please know that an in-person ceremony is NOT required.

We understand membership recruitment and induction may be a challenge for many, particularly early in this school year. Even though the NEHS constitution requires chapters to induct at least one new member each school year, no chapter will be shifted to “inactive” status because that requirement may not be met; however, please ensure that the yearly affiliation fee of $65 is paid when the invoice is received. Failure to submit the annual fee does move chapters to “inactive” status, making student members and chapters ineligible for society opportunities.

As you begin to have NEHS meetings, particularly in a virtual situation, please share the creative ways you are keeping your chapters engaged. You may send those ideas to; we’ll share those ideas through social media as a way to support each member in the Society. Thank you.

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