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Tomorrow the National Day on Writing Celebrations Begin!

100218-National Day on Writing

As we move into the final hours of planning before the National Council of Teachers of English‘s (NCTE) National Day on Writing begins, please take a moment to review these last reminders and suggestions from NCTE to help make the most out of your chapter’s National Day on Writing experience. And don’t forget to share all of your events from the day with us by tagging us on social media and using our Society hashtag: #nehs4ss. 

We are just hours away from the kickoff of NCTE’s tenth National Day on Writing®. This annual celebration of the power of words is building up to be one of our best. Folks across the country and around the world are already giving the #WhyIWrite hashtag a lot of attention and significance in classrooms and homes, on campuses, and on the go.

Here are a few last-minute reminders:

  • If you haven’t explored the National Write-In materials yet, check them out. There are three inspiring videos from Jacqueline Woodson, in which she shares writing wisdom and offers a call to action for all of us to write for hope and change. The resources also feature discussion questions and writing activities.
  • Seeking more ways to celebrate? Check out all the ideas on the WhyIWrite.us website.
  • Looking for some sample tweets? Here are a couple:
    • Today I’m celebrating the @ncte National Day on Writing by [insert action here]. How are you celebrating writing today? #WhyIWrite
    • [Share why you write]. Why do you write? Share today during the @ncte National Day on Writing! #WhyIWrite
  • Remember to tag your posts with the hashtag #WhyIWrite as well as our handle @ncte so we have a better chance of catching your words in the flow.

Images help your social posts to be seen, so if you are hosting an event or activity, try to share photos. If you’re looking for an image to help you spread the word about the National Day on Writing, we’ve included a few below. You can also share this press release, which offers a good overview of the initiative.


Finally, thank you for all you do every day to encourage writers and champion the importance of writing in our lives!