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New NCTE Special Issues Series

National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) recently announced the publication of a new book series entitled Special Issues. Titles include Critical Media Literacy, Racial Literacy, and Trauma-Informed Literacy. These resources are “edited by expert practitioners [and] invoke current research and theory and provide teaching tips for use in the classroom.” More from NCTE:

In these precarious times, K–12 and college educators need ways to address the pressing topics of critical media literacy, racial literacy, and trauma-informed teaching. The Special Issues series meets this need by gathering content from across NCTE’s journals. Edited by expert practitioners, these books invoke current research and theory and provide teaching tips for use in the classroom.

Featuring eight new and forthcoming books, as well as bestsellers from NCTE’s collection, our latest catalog is filled with the latest thinking in our field. Discover fresh ideas, thoughtful research, and the voices of educators in constant pursuit of the best ways to reach their students. Plus updated information on membership, journals, and more!

The first volumes of these new Special Issues are now available:

Special Issues, Volume 1: Critical Media Literacy: Bringing Lives to Texts
Edited by Tom Liam Lynch

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Special Issues, Volume 1: Racial Literacy: Implications for Curriculum, Pedagogy, and Policy
Edited by Detra Price-Dennis

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Special Issues, Volume 1: Trauma-Informed Teaching: Cultivating Healing-Centered ELA Classrooms
Edited by Sakeena Everett

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