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New Advisory Council Member

011519-Advisory Council-1

Please welcome Breanne Hicks, NEHS Chapter Advisor and teacher from Saint Mary’s Hall, San Antonio, TX. Breanne joins Lindsey Ward as a Southwestern Region Advisor, primarily responsible for marketing NEHS and supporting existing and new chapters in Arizona, Arkansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. The Advisory Council members, all volunteers who lead very active NEHS chapters, support the work of the Society, making recommendations, awarding scholarships and awards, selecting Common Readers, reviewing budgets, and representing NEHS both regionally and internationally. All Advisory Council members are eager to support Advisors and are particularly willing to help if chapters need guidance concerning membership selection, activities, induction ideas, or fundraising. Advisors sensing their chapters may be slipping toward inactive status due to changes in student interest or administrative support are encouraged to contact the regional representatives for support.

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