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NEHS Alumni Profiles: Casey Shubin

Casey Shubin was a student member of NEHS at West Covina High School in West Covina, CA. She graduated from high school in 2014 and holds a BA in Communication Studies and Sociology from Loyola Marymount University and an MS in College Counseling and Student Development from Azusa Pacific University. She is currently Assistant Director of Freshman Recruitment at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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For Casey Shubin, the National English Honor Society wasn’t just about literary analysis (although she did enjoy that), it was also about working with others and helping them develop their skills. That, she says, continued throughout her undergraduate degree in Communications and Sociology. The skills she developed as an NEHS member helped her understand the world around her and critique the impact she and others were having on it.

Ultimately, this led to her interest in higher education and supporting those most in need to be able to reach it. Her analytical and communications skills, honed both as an NEHS student at high school and during her undergraduate and graduate degrees, have given her the tools to be able to advocate for marginalized students and support them through the often difficult process of reaching university admission.

Shubin says she still uses the critical thinking and effective communication skills that she enhanced through NEHS activities in her current role as Assistant Director of Freshman Recruitment at UCLA. There she has had to put these skills into play when creating resources to support young people in gaining access to higher education.

Without NEHS and the foundation skills it promotes, she would never have taken on the challenges of an undergraduate degree in Communication Studies and Sociology and, in turn, would not have considered studying College Counseling.

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Casey Shubin
Okura Chapter, Alum
West Covina High School, West Covina, CA


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