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National Poetry Month

040720-Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month, a celebration of the written word organized by the Academy of American Poets. Some of you are familiar with The Writer’s Almanac from Garrison Keillor. The following invitation might be of interest to you and your students as you study poetry together in the coming weeks:

Dear poetry lovers,

Many of you have written in recently to let us know how much you appreciate having a steady, calming daily program like The Writer’s Almanac during the uncertainty of COVID-19. We are pleased to be able to provide this small refuge each day. As you think about people who might be isolated and in need of comfort right now, may we suggest that you forward the Writer’s Almanac email to those friends and family members. If they like it, they can sign up here to receive this free program as an email, or they can subscribe to the podcast on any major podcast app.

At this time, we are also sharing “bonus” videos of poets reading their work on our Facebook page. If you are looking for more poetry sources to keep you sane & entertained, you can check that out here.

Wishing you safety, health, and comfort,
Garrison Keillor & The Writer’s Almanac

Additionally, in honor of #NationalPoetryMonth NEHS encourages you to celebrate with the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE). Even though this year is dramatically different in terms of how you are interacting with students, poetry may be one of the genres that translates more easily into e-learning environments. As NEHS has witnessed this year with the Poetry Challenge, poetry is a powerful force that speaks volumes to readers. Once again, NCTE will be celebrating poetry throughout the month of April with their NCTE Verse program. From NCTE:

Join NCTE members from across the country in NCTE Verse, a member-exclusive FREE professional learning opportunity aimed at providing ideas and inspiration around poets and poetry!

Each weekday from Wednesday, April 1, to Friday, May 1, members who sign up for NCTE Verse will receive a daily email that:

  • Focuses on a different poet each day as identified by NCTE members
  • Provides resources related to that poet
  • Responds to the prompt, “This poet belongs in our classrooms because . . .”

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