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Chapter Service Awards

012919-Ch Service Award

Is your chapter involved in a community literacy project in which you partner with a local service organization? If so, consider applying for a Chapter Service Award. Chapters receiving the award earn $100 to buoy their funds and the local organization receives $500 to support their work. This is one of the NEHS awards for which chapters seldom apply.

Any active chapter is eligible to apply for a Chapter Service Award, but no chapter may receive a Chapter Service Award in consecutive years. Active chapters are also eligible to apply for a Chapter Project Grant in advance of a service effort to support the project. Project Grants do not, however, provide direct contributions to community agencies.

Applications must be completed and received by April 27, 2020, for projects that took place during the immediately preceding calendar year (May 2019-March 2020). Awards are given after successful projects have been completed; funds help chapters defray costs already incurred, while contributions to the agencies help extend their goals. No late submissions will be accepted.

Chapter Service Award

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