With many schools closed until the end of the school year, all of the traditional “closure” ceremonies and rituals—award nights, graduation, prom, yearbook signing parties, honor society recognitions, wearing graduation paraphernalia—are slipping away. As humans, we have a yearning to connect through these traditions, to mark endings and beginnings, to say farewell and to step into the future, whatever it may hold.

Recognizing that need, NEHS would like to facilitate virtual connections, providing Advisors and members alike the opportunity to deliver messages of congratulations, support, thanks, and celebration. While this forum will be primarily used for messages from and to the 2020 graduating seniors, any NEHS member is free to share a video, voice message, or photo.

Advisors, what do you want to say to your NEHS members as the year concludes? Students, what message would you like to share about your advisor, your English teacher, your chapter friends?

How to Participate

To participate in #CelebrateNEHS2020 post your video, audio clip, or photo to social media. Make sure to tag us in your post and use the #CelebrateNEHS2020 hashtag. Not on social media? No worries! You can also email your contribution to the NEHS Central Office. Submissions will be collected and shared on a rolling basis between now and the fall when many schools are holding delayed graduation ceremonies.


Unsure of how to go about celebrating these milestones while adhering to social distancing practices and the Shelter at Home orders many states are under? Check out these resources for inspiration!

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