Thank You Messages for World Teachers’ Day 2023

This year the National English Honor Society, English Language Arts Honor Society, and Sigma Tau Delta have joined forces to celebrate the impact that elementary, middle school, high school, and university English teachers have had on our lives.

Read about just how inspiring our English teachers have been!

To:         Ms. Goblirsch
From:    Mackenzie Paulson, Minnesota State University, Minnesota

I will never be able to thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me. Having you as a teacher changed my life and I am so glad I got to learn from you. Your support has meant the world to me and I am so lucky to have you in my corner! You truly are the best and while I know you’re not necessarily teaching English now, you’ll always be one who inspired me. Thank you for being such an inspiration as both an educator and woman of color. I’m your biggest fan!

To:         Ms. Herron
From:    Lynn Pifer, Commonwealth University, Pennsylvania

This message is to my Eureka High School librarian in Eureka, Illinois, Joan Herron.  Thanks for letting me into your office to read the books that the school board made you take off the shelves.  Reading Kurt Vonnegut made me want to be a writer myself. It certainly made me appreciate literature and gave me a spark for reading and learning at a time when I was frustrated and bored.  I think about you every time I read an article about teachers who have to take books off their classroom shelves.  Thanks for taking a chance on me.

To:         Mrs. Strong
From:    Robyn Sverdlik, Pine Crest School, Florida

Hi Mrs. Strong,

This is my second year having you as my teacher and I am thankful that you let me be me in your class. Your thorough essay analysis helped me a lot last year to do well on the AP exam and this year we are learning very interesting things in mythology. Happy Word Teachers’ Day!

To:         Ms. Ramirez
From:    Breanne Gonzalez, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

Dear Ms. Ramirez,

It feels as almost it was yesterday, that I was sitting in your very classroom; room 316. Though it has been quite some time, I write out to you, as a means to express my deepest appreciation towards all that you have done for me, in a time where I began blossoming into my teenage years.

I always had a tough time adjusting to the ongoing changes around me. In a sense, I feared growing up and having to leave what I had already known to love and grow, behind. With graduation being a factor of that change, I was not sure I was ready to leave middle school just yet. But through all the hardships and impending thoughts, you taught me that there was so much more out there to explore than this bubble I have enclosed myself off to.

I appreciate all the life stories and lessons you have taught me along the way. It was due to your experiences that I was able to envision my own and become a better writer, through the form of expression. Writing allowed me to branch into this young individual who would become capable of channeling their thoughts, onto writing; a form of better understanding emotion and reason, with not only myself, but with others as well. These were all things I learned from you; things that I could not have asked for anyone better to have taught me, in such little time.

I hope that life is treating you well, along with teaching. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, and friend, to my younger self.

Breanna Gonzalez

To:         Ms. Lee
From:    AJ Ramirez, Coral Reef High School, Florida

Dear Ms. Lee, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support last year in AP Lang. You went the extra mile to make sure we were ready for the AP test and for AP Lit as Seniors. I feel confident that I will pass this year’s AP test as well and it’s because of you that I will be successful. Please know that you have made a real difference in my academic career. Thank you.

To:         Mrs. Miller
From:    Kathryn Jorgensen, The College of New Jersey, New Jersey

My seventh-grade English teacher, Mrs. Miller! She encouraged me endlessly in my writing and helped foster a life-long love of reading! I’m now in my senior year of college, where I will graduate this spring with my BA in English and will go on to pursue my MLIS degree to become a librarian. Without her, I would have never had the confidence to go as far as I have. Thank you, Mrs. Miller!!

To:         Professor Brokaw
From:    Saff Bintali, University of Nevada – Las Vegas, Nevada

Dear Professor (and soon to be Dr.) Brokaw,

Words can never describe the incredible impact your class had on me. It was a hard time during that semester, but you, and your class, were a shining light. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn about creative nonfiction and discover a brand-new world of expression, and a new way to explore the world and begin journeys of discovery and healing I would not have had without you. While I had many great professors in my life, you are the reason I became an English *major* and future graduate student. Thank you for everything and for the countless lives you have touched not only in your teaching, but in your art, both written and visual.

To:         Ms. Fig
From:    Ellen Fernandez, Miami Southridge Senior High School, Florida

I want to take the time to thank my lovely teacher from 11th grade Ms. Fig for being passionate, kind, and faithful in us. Because of her, I was able to improve my writing skills drastically. I am grateful to all the fantastic English teachers out there without them there would not be wonderful students.

To:         Mrs. Lueders
From:    Emilee Howland, University of Wisconsin – Superior

Mrs. Debbie Lueders of Carrollton High School in Carrollton, MO is the reason I’m an English professor. Her teaching had a profound impact on my love of books and the sharing of literature.

To:         C P Serra
From:    Savannah Serra, Ramapo College of New Jersey, New Jersey

Thank you for inspiring me to be a good teacher, but also a good student. I love education and it is all because of you. Best teacher ever! Love you.

To:         Dr. Ugor
From:    Mohammad Akbar Hosain, Illinois State University, Illinois

At this moment, I want to pay my love and respect to my Professor Dr. Paul Ugor. His intellectual rigor, depth and critical insights were what inspired me to move into my area of research and scholarship. He is also an amiable gentleman who can easily win students’ hearts. I also found an ethical mind in him. Right now, he is working at the University of Waterloo, Canada, far away from me, and I miss him. Hats off to you, Paul! 

To:         Mr. Marston
From:    Monque Skallberg, Southern New Hampshire University, New Hampshire

You are the reason I love writing and literature. Thank you for having a lasting impression on my life. You’re changing so many kids’ lives, including mine, at Mountain View Elementary School.

To:         Dr. Hall
From:    Alex Henry, Thiel College, Pennsylvania

Dr. Hall, you have given me the courage and inspiration to continue writing, even when I don’t feel like doing it. You have consistently been one of the biggest inspirations for me at Thiel. You always make me want to do better and go beyond what I normally would do. Thank you, for everything.

To:         Ms. Hernandez
From:    Monica Morales, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

It was difficult for me to express my appreciation for you, as I am aware that you may feel uneasy about being idolized by many. However, this is a testament to your tremendous impact on countless students.

Thank you for believing in me and instilling a confidence that no other teacher ever has. When I heard about your struggles and how you overcame them to pave your own path, it inspired me to pursue my passion for writing and believe in myself even when others didn’t support me. You taught me that self-belief is all that one needs.

During my sophomore year, when I was at my lowest, your class was my only source of joy. Your lessons, voice, and personality are unparalleled. You are one of the most captivating English teachers I have ever had, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

I appreciate you taking the time to write my recommendations despite your busy schedule. You are indeed one of the most dedicated teachers who do what they do out of their love for teaching, and that is the most admirable thing anyone can do.

To:         Henry Carrigan
From:    Stephanie Olson, Lake Forest College, Illinois


Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences, insights, and advice within the classroom. Throughout the two courses that I completed, you displayed vulnerability and a grand amount of respect for the content and each of your students. I am grateful that I learned more deeply about Baldwin within the welcoming environment that you provided. Within my future classroom, I will share that knowledge with my own students, hopefully inspiring them in ways that you inspired me.

I hope you are doing well.

Stephanie Olson

To:         Professor Blake
From:    Ireland Owens, Austin College, Texas

Professor Blake is an English professor who always inspires me to stay open minded during my educational journey. He is always helpful to his students and has been a great help with my English honors thesis. I always enjoy his classes, and I believe that he deserves a shoutout for being a great English professor on World Teachers’ Day.

To:         Ms. Buco
From:    Antonia Shogam, Middleboro High School, Massachusetts

Jessica Buco, my AP Lang teacher last year, is truly the nicest women ever. Not only does she advocate for her students, but she pushes us to go above and beyond. Because of her, I feel a much stronger relationship with English.

To:         Mr. Tooley
From:    Ceirra Dixon, Bowie State University, Maryland

Mr. Tooley was my 9th grade English teacher. He inspired me to be straight up with my students. My teacher was organized and knew the content. Many days, I was greeted with a smile. He wasn’t afraid to joke around with his students but made sure we got our work done. Now I am an English 10 teacher at Bowie High School. I also sponsor the National English Honor Society at my school. My students know that I can be very down to earth but I mean business when it comes to completing assignments. Teaching is definitely a passion of mine because I get to touch many lives. I want to be remembered as a great, effective teacher like Mr. Tooley.

To:         Professor Nesbitt
From:    Elsa Polanco, Adelphi University, New York

I want to thank Professor Nesbitt of Adelphi University.  He edited my children’s book and read my scripts.  He said they had merit and were worth selling.  This is inspirational to me because it made believe more in myself and my talents.

Thank you, Professor Nesbitt!

To:         Ms. Weismann
From:    Marianela Cisneros, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

Dear Ms. Weisman,

Thank you for helping me last year. I appreciate all your writing lessons to help develop my writing skills (I always write my essays automatically in MLA format now because of you). You always made the novel discussions easy to understand and interesting. Thank you for sharing your wisdom about literature and the fascinating stories about your life. I hope you continue to spread your knowledge to your students and maintain your dedication to teaching.

Sincerely, Mari <3

To:         Mr. Dopko
From:    Patrick Miller, Highland Springs High School, Virginia

Mr. Dopko is the reason I am an English teacher and I still follow his example to this day. He managed his classroom by keeping his lessons engaging and challenging, and he dedicated so much of his spare time to keeping Langston Hughes Middle School a fun and safe place to learn. When I found out one of my colleagues used to teach at LHMS, I asked about Mr. Dopko and she told me he had retired before she arrived but that his legacy lived on in the English Department.

To:         Mr. Jenemann
From:    Cierra Brown, Upper Darby High School, Pennsylvania

Thank you for bettering my writing and inspiring me to look at the nuances of analytical texts and to always delve deeper into my reading. I am excited for the rest of the year!

To:         Dr. Todorova
From:    Alaysia Godfrey, Transylvania University, Kentucky

Thank you for being an amazing English teacher/professor, Kremena. Before coming to Transy, I always knew that I loved reading. However, after taking your classes, I always leave with more passion and adoration for literature. Your class discussions are always engaging and leave me feeling enlightened. Thank you for supporting me through my college journey and being someone I can always rely on. I appreciate it so much!

To:         Ms. Tatum
From:    Tessa Aten, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you Ms. Tatum for being so supportive through all of my classes and in my daily life! You are always willing to help and are always looking for solutions and helping to make the STEMmies lives easier! Thank you for being such a great humanities teacher and bring on AP Lang!                                                                              


To:         Dr. Anderson
From:    Kay Walter, University of Arkansas at Monticello, Arkansas

Dr Phillip Anderson taught me and many, many others the joys of studying English literature. When I read to my students, I hear his voice in my head. His instruction gives resonance and humanity to the lessons I teach. For my aspiration to follow Ruskinian values and for my success as a Professor of English, I own Dr Anderson thanks I can never fully repay.

To:         Ms. DiBernardo
From:    Kirsten Narowski, Newington High School, Connecticut

I would like to thank Gina DiBernardo, the NEHS Advisor at our school.  She is an incredible English teacher and mentor to all in our department. Not only has she been an inspiration to me as a teacher, but she has also inspired countless students. I feel grateful that I have the opportunity to work with such a gifted and knowledgeable teacher. Thank you, Gina!

To:         Ms. Barbieri
From:    Linda Flores, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

I am not the best with words, but I will try my best. Ms. Barberi: I met you my Freshman year of high school and you have been an important role model in high school career, both in my writing and leadership skills. You are very creative and enthusiastic, and it is very inspiring. You have made a great different to my four years in high school. Whether it was just being in your room because it was (what I considered) “a safe room” or giving me advice on different things. I will forever be grateful for you.

To:         Mr. Robida
From:    Sean Nagle, Pine Crest School, Florida

Dear Mr. Robida,

Thank you for being a fun and great teacher this year. I have enjoyed the class very much so far, especially the creative projects like the poem about the hero. I am looking forward to continuing to improve in your class, and I look forward to taking your class for the rest of the year.

Thank you,
Sean Nagle

To:         Mr. Mattis
From:    Arista Elderkin, Berry College, Georgia

Mr. Mattice,

As we take a day to honor the impact of English teachers everywhere, I came across this opportunity and thought of you.

Thank you for inspiring me, I would surely not be the student I am today without your teaching and guidance. It’s because of you that I wanted to continue my education and specifically study English and I am so glad that I did! I hope you are doing well and reach out if you want!

Thank you again!
Arista Elderkin

To:         Ms. Hernandez
From:    Saul Calderon, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

To my 7th grade English/History teacher, Mrs. Hernandez. While 7th grade was so long ago, I remember how fun you made your classes, and your passion for teaching. You opened my eyes to proper writing when you, rightfully so, massacred my continuation of Gary Soto’s Oranges and Halloween narrative. Your sassy and sarcastic attitude was always the highlight of any day as it made me, and others, laugh. I miss those times greatly, but I will remember them because you were just amazing. While I can’t put my thoughts and love into this box I really only have one thing to say and that is: Thank you.

To:         Mr. Piro, Dr. Loprete, and Dr. Bank
From:    Brenda McGowan, Hicksville Public Schools, New York

Thank you to all of my English teachers! They were some of the best teachers I had and inspired me to continue my love of reading and eventually become a teacher and now administrator.  Special thanks to Mr. Piro at CHS, Dr. Loprete at FU, and Dr. Stanley Bank at Lehman.  You were all pivotal positive influences on me!

To:         Mrs. Nieto
From:    Julissa Ruiz, Del Valle High School, Texas

Mrs. Nieto, thank you for teaching me so much in the short span that I have been your student! Also thank you for looking out for me and for being so positive. 

To:         Ms. Carson
From:    Sofia Portela, Don Soffer Aventura Charter High School, Florida

Thank you for believing in me and encouraging me to do my absolute best.

To:         Ms. Schramm
From:    Haley Golla, Upper Darby High School, Pennsylvania

Hi Ms. Schramm! Happy World Teachers Day! Thank you for the impact you made it my life. You were such a good teacher. You were always willing to help us with anything. I’m so thankful for the connections you helped us foster too. We all miss your class! I hope I get to visit you soon!

Haley Golla

To:         Mrs. Crandell
From:    Andrew Boetig, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you for bringing a different atmosphere to the classroom. It is not like any class I’ve been in. It’s fun and engaging. I feel challenged in the class.

To:         Ms. Vasquez
From:    Jack Velarde, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

I would like to give my message of thanks to my English teacher all the way back in seventh grade, Ms. Vazquez. I can tell that she was built for teaching and she knew how to handle her audience of students by being able to understand and actually communicate well with us. She wasn’t the typical strict and impatient English teacher; she was able to act in a way to make us feel like we were able to see her as someone to not be scared to confide in. Vazquez was the first real “cool” teacher I had, and it definitely made me enthusiastic for what my school life had left to bring. This positivity definitely made my school year from a worrisome one to a tranquil one with her positivity and extraordinary teaching style. Thank you for being such a cool and amazing teacher to be taught by Ms. Vazquez and I hope you are doing very well!

To:         Mrs. Solderitch
From:    Lana Hurwitz, Parkland High School, Pennsylvania

Hi Mrs. Solderitch! It feels like it has been a while since I was a freshman in your class, but when thinking of English teachers to write to, I thought of you! I just wanted to say that you are a great teacher and I very much enjoyed your class. I hope you have a great year!

To:         Dr. Tredennick
From:    Sydney Kahn, SUNY Oneota, New York

Thank you for inspiring me and guiding me in my development as a reader and a writer. I think about the books and poems we read, and the skills I learned from you every day.

To:         Mr. Cruchel, Ms. Wiegand, Dr. Cuiffo, Ms. Calabrese, Mrs. Rothfarb, Mrs. Bloodgood, and Mrs. Donnelly-Allegretta
From:    Daniel Abernethy, Sachem High School North Campus, New York

Many thanks to all the English Faculty at Jerusalem Ave. Jr. HS and Mepham HS in North Bellmore who challenged and inspired me…Mr. Cruchel, Ms. Wiegand, Dr. Cuiffo, Ms. Calabrese, Mrs. Rothfarb and Mrs. Bloodgood!!! A special thanks to Mrs. Mary Donnelly-Allegretta who makes me proud every day!

To:         Ms. McGeever
From:    Haley Covert, Pennsylvania Virtual Charter School, Pennsylvania

Ms. McGeever inspired me a lot during my sophomore year of high school by introducing me to new parts of English literature and encouraging me to take chances when it came to both reading and writing, even when it was material that I was not sure I would enjoy or be able to properly evaluate! I enjoyed her class more than I have any other English class and the time she took to give me proper feedback and praise on assignments made me strive to do all the better. I sincerely appreciate her as both a teacher and as my advisor for my school’s NEHS chapter. Thank you!

To:         Ms. Bartley
From:    Rachel Bohenick, Carnegie Vanguard High School, Texas

Ms. Bartley is the reason I became an English teacher. I always knew I wanted to teach but taking her English 1 class in 8th grade opened my eyes to WHAT I would teach. I loved reading, but not reading class… But English 1 showed me what it meant to understand and talk about books in a new way. Her attention and bringing us to Literary Rally, encouraging me to see my love of books as valuable beyond being just fun, set me on my path to my current job: Teaching English I to 9th graders in Texas.

To:         Ms. Lemieux
From:    Jay Bellardino, Middleborough High School, Massachusetts

I don’t think I have ever had a bad thing to say about having Ms. Lemieux as an English teacher. She makes class so much fun and it is so easy to talk to her about anything, I feel so lucky to have had her as my English teacher, and I think she is going to inspire so many other students in the future.

To:         Mrs. Strong
From:    Saiya Mittal, Pine Crest School, Florida

Dear Ms. Strong,

Even though the school year has just begun, I wanted to thank you for being such an inspiring and wonderful teacher. Your class is always engaging and every day I learn so much about the texts we read and analyze. I love English already, but our class activities make me appreciate the subject more each day! Thank you also for focusing so much on writing, because I feel like I have already gotten a little bit better since the end of last year, which means a lot to me. I appreciate all the help and support you give me each day in class or when I am out of class, and I am so excited for the rest of the year!!


To:         Ms. Weismann
From:    Roselin Mota, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

Dear Ms. Weisman,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for the profound impact you’ve had on my life. Your passion for teaching and your dedication to English literature have inspired me in countless ways.

You ignited a love for language and literature within me that continues to shape my life journey. Your unwavering support and belief in my abilities have given me the confidence to pursue my dreams.

Thank you for being more than just a teacher; you’ve been a mentor and an inspiration. Your influence has enriched my life, and I am deeply grateful for your guidance.

Warm regards,
Roselin Mota

To:         Ms. Tatum
From:    Anna Ussery, Harrison High School, Georgia

I wanted to thank you for all that you’ve done, not only for the school but also for me. Your World Literature class is the reason I decided to challenge myself into taking higher level English classes. I feel that as a result, I have learned more about a topic that interests me (technical writing). Thank you again!

To:         Mrs. Korsmo
From:    Cami Badman, Sullivan High School, Illinois

Mrs. Korsmo was my 3rd grade teacher. I would consider myself one of the kids who was a good listener, did my work, and didn’t necessarily excel but didn’t struggle either. I was very average. As a 16-year teacher myself, I know it’s sometimes hard to see those students because they don’t always stand out one way or the other. Mrs. Korsmo made sure I felt seen and appreciated. Mrs. Korsmo is definitely the teacher who stands out to me, and I never want to pass up the opportunity to give her a huge shout out! It’s true: people never forget how you made them feel. Thank you, Mrs. Korsmo!

To:         Ms. Seyler
From:    Chesa Urielle Filomeno, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Maryland

I want to thank Ms. Seyler for being my English 10 and Journalism teacher. She has always been a wonderful teacher to be with and I’m happy to have her again.

To:         Ms. Barbieri
From:    Seth Alonso, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

Thank you, Ms. Barbieri, for all that you do. We need more teachers like you. I miss having virtual with you and Cole, discussing Okonkwo.

To:         Mrs. Strong
From:    William Wakefield, Pine Crest School, Florida

To Mrs. Strong:

I am enjoying being in your AP Lit class this year! Thank you for helping me correct my practice essays and outlines. Your advice is invaluable. I am excited to grow as a writer this year in your class!

William Wakefield

To:         Mrs. Walter
From:    Emma Franke, Harrison High School, Georgia

Mrs. Walter, thank you for being an amazing teacher, allowing me to express myself through my work and supporting my poem about my hatred for poetry. You left me a note saying you wished that my feelings about poetry had changed or would change. I wanted to let you know that through writing that hate poem I found out I can actually write poetry. All that overthinking I used to do was counteractive, you taught me that. I will forever remember that assignment, forcing me out of my comfort-zone and teaching me to truly respect poetry (which really helped me with humanities). So, thank you Mrs. Walter, I really appreciated you as my 9th Lit. teacher, you left a lasting impact on my writing.

To:         Ms. Beers
From:    Aaron Lu, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Maryland

Thank you so much for all your knowledge, I really enjoyed your class it was so much fun. I don’t think there will ever be another English class that will top it.

To:         Mr. Dunphy
From:    Jennifer Walden (Hurley), King Philip Regional High School, Massachusetts

I wouldn’t be the teacher I am without the guidance, exemplary instruction, and dash of humor provided by Mr. Michael Dunphy at East Bridgewater High School. He pushed me to pursue a career as an English teacher and gave me to confidence to pursue my goals

To:         P.M. Henderson
From:    Demi Amosu, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. I appreciate you so much! I hope you’re enjoying your retirement to the fullest, and I wish you nothing but the best.

To:         Mr. Robida
From:    Emily Anidjar, Pine Crest School, Florida

Dear Mr. Robida,

Thank you for making AP Lit my favorite high school English class so far. I learned a lot!!

Thank you!

To:         Ms. Shattuck
From:    Keyshawn Blythers, Lakeland Senior High School, Florida

Thank you for always being an inspiration to the students who come across you.

To:         Ms. Miller
From:    Mariela Morataya, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Maryland

Thank you so much Ms. Miller for being an inspiring teacher who wanted all of us to flourish in our writing. You also care not about us in school but outside and show understanding. You truly inspire me to continue to write thank you!

To:         Mrs. Motsinger
From:    Alaina Huber, Harrison High School, Georgia

I want to thank Mrs. Motsinger who was my Honors 9th Literature teacher, she has truly inspired me both as a person and a writer. Her class was the best way to end my day because she brings so much joy and enthusiasm to learning English. When we read novels in class staying engaged and understanding the story was easy even with Shakespeare because she included so many fun projects and activities that helped me to understand texts even deeper. Thank you, Mrs. Motsinger for being a wonderful teacher

To:         Mrs. Strong
From:    Mark Stewart, Pine Crest School, Florida

To Mrs. Strong:

Thanks for making all the classes fun and sticking with me when I struggled.

Mark Stewart

To:         Mrs. Buchanan
From:    Ariel Raines, Centennial High School, Georgia

To Mrs. Buchanan – Despite my fear in joining your class in Fall 2010, I quickly learned that your toughness and honesty were exactly what I needed to push myself to reach my potential as a lover of English and as a young woman. I was eager to continue as your student in AP Literature following that school year. Thank you for ingraining a unique love of literature and composition in me that I otherwise would’ve been blind to. Because of your palpable passion for stories and for teaching, I’ve pursued English and Education as my own career in order to share my passions with my students. In addition, you encouraged and inspired me to be a good, honest human being and active participant in society. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve also been able to pursue writing in a new way, continually uncovering more complexity in the field of English. Thank you Mrs. Buchanan!

Ariel Raines (Stone)

To:         Dr. Fest
From:    Sofia Escobar, Hartwick College, New York

Thank you for believing in my work and inspiring me to always be better than what I think I’m capable of. I wouldn’t be the writer I am without your guidance. Your dedication and interest have always stood out to me and I cannot thank you enough for that.

To:         Professor Gonzalez and Dr. Nicosia
From:    Rachel Klemovitch, Montclair State University, New Jersey

Thank you Professor Gonzalez and Dr. Nicosia for being the most inspiring, motivating and encouraging Professors I’ve had. Your classes were always engaging and encouraged us to speak our minds and have deep thoughtful discussions on important issues that are often overlooked. Thank you for encouraging me to dig deep and develop the confidence to eloquently string my thoughts together.

To:         Mr. Bradbury
From:    Tahara Camara, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Maryland

In honor of World Teacher’s Day, I wanted to send you a thank you message for being one of my best English teachers so far.

To:         Ms. Tatum
From:    William Schotte, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you to Ms. Tatum, for always making Humanities interesting and eventful. You always brought a happy mood to the class and I feel like I was able to improve a lot within my writing. I was also always able to get helpful feedback and encouragement, and overall, this was probably my favorite literature class I’ve had so far.

To:         Mrs. Ortega
From:    Millard Snyder, Pine Crest School, Florida

Dear Ms. Ortega,

Thank you for furthering my interest in writing. Also, the Bob Dylan analysis project I worked on in your class last year is one of my all-time favorites!

Millard Snyder

To:         Mrs. Crandall
From:    Daniel Banstetter, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you for inspiring me to push my limits as a writer! I deeply valued the time, attention, and support you gave me on the numerous occasions I requested assistance with a piece of writing. I still retain advice you provided me months later. I hope to employ your vigilantly powerful verbs and seemingly endless rhetorical devices in college and beyond.

Thank you,
Daniel Banstetter

To:         Ms. Swoyer
From:    Amal Khdour, Parkland High School, Pennsylvania

Hello Ms. Swoyer!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying your macrame and poetry book. I have missed you so much since sophomore year, and I will always treasure the class I had with you. Thank you for being an amazing English teacher; you are patient, kind, and sincere. I miss you and am nervous and excited to graduate this year. I will be studying English and writing at Muhlenberg College! I hope you and your family have a fantastic year! Thank you 🙂

To:         Ms. Holtz
From:    Joyce Zhang, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, Maryland

Thank you for being my AP Lang teacher and NEHS advisor! You have made a big impact on my life and other students as well.

To:         Mrs. Dricoll
From:    Logan Weir, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you so much for all that you have done for me. You have been such an amazing role model and I appreciate how much you have had an influence on me. I cannot thank you enough.

To:         Ms. Hernandez
From:    Yamanni Tay, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

Ms. Hernandez,

I would like to thank you for unforgettable experience in AP Language and Composition. You have taught me valuable lessons about reality of life through literature. It has changed my way of viewing the world around me, simply through circle time to discuss The 1619 Project, the truth of the American Dream, and Freakonomics (conventional wisdom). Despite your small roasts about my essays, your harsh criticism as allowed me to always depict my essays as there can always be a better version!

Thank you for inspiring me to be a better version of myself. I can always rely on you to tell me the truth about my essays!!

From your ‘Becoming’ fanatic,
Yamanni Tay

To:         Mrs. Ortega
From:    Zachary Port, Pine Crest School, Florida

Hi Mrs. Ortega, it’s Zach. I just wanted to thank you for everything you did last year. Looking back, it’s funny to think that I had to claw my way into your class—I almost missed the AP Lang cut.  I couldn’t imagine my sophomore year or, really, my high school experience without the time spent in your class. Because of what you taught me, reading and writing have become integral parts of me both as a student and as an individual. I’m looking forward to reading some Shakespeare next year!

To:         Ms. Thomas
From:    Brynn Morgan, Parkland High School, Pennsylvania

Thank you for always being so kind and helpful! I appreciate how you were always there for me and always made me and my hard work feel appreciated in your class!

To:         Mrs. Dricoll
From:    Swara Joshi, Harrison High School, Georgia

Dear Mrs. Dricoll,

I wanted to express my gratitude to you for your support and guidance you have given me in these first two months of this school year. I am in awe of your ability to be able to deal with some of the seemingly most frustrating students, while still managing to keep your cool and give helpful feedback. Your dedication to teaching is truly inspiring, and I am really looking forward to the rest of this course with you as my teacher!

To:         Mr. Bolja
From:    Annika Sachdeva, Pine Crest School, Florida

I hope you’re doing well! I just wanted to share a message of thanks to you for being the most memorable English teacher I’ve ever had. I truly had the best experience in your class and was able to elevate my writing to a higher level with your guidance, still using some of the methods I learned in your class as I write for AP Literature. Your decorative and unforgettable classroom was an incredible learning environment for me, and I will gladly always say that 7th grade English was my favorite class by far. I remember reading some of my favorite books and short stories during that year, like the Poe tales and the Outsider. I hope you’re enjoying your current 7th graders, and that you know that this 11th grader misses being your student.

Annika Sachdeva

To:         Mrs. Crandall
From:    Landon Follis, Harrison High School, Georgia

Thank you Mrs. Crandall for being one of the most positive and motivating teachers I have ever had.

To:         Mr. Quinn
From:    Maddie Stout, Parkland High School, Pennsylvania

Hi Mr. Quinn,

Thank you for being such an amazing teacher. I still think about how different everything would be if I hadn’t had you as my teacher in 6th grade. I can’t believe I’m a senior this year! It feels like yesterday that my dad helped me make that pufferfish for my science project. I might see you around if I tutor at the middle school this year.

Maddie Stout

To:         Mrs. Riley
From:    Lyndsey Williams, Harrison High School, Georgia

Dear Mrs. Riley, Thank you so much for being such an amazing and impactful English teacher during my time here at Harrison. I truly enjoyed every day of being in your class during my sophomore year and I have come a long way from being a quiet, timid girl who rarely spoke up all thanks to you. You are the one who inspired me to be much more outgoing and confident. Because of your class, I am also an avid reader and an excellent writer! I’ve always loved to read and write, but your class made me enjoy it even more. So, thank you so much, Mrs. Riley, for being such an inspiration for me and all of the other students here at Harrison! Sincerely, Lyndsey Williams

To:         Ms. Hernandez
From:    Natasha Borda, Jose Marti STEM Academy, New Jersey

Dear Ms. Hernandez,

I wanted to send a message to you because I feel that you are the English teacher who impacted me the most throughout my time as a student at JMSA. I wanted to say thank you for everything because being in your AP Lang class not only helped me develop in skills as a student but also as a person. During the year, I learned a lot and gained a lot of knowledge I will forever treasure and appreciate you for. When I compared my writing from the beginning and end of the year, I noticed very apparent differences and a lot of improvement, which would not have happened without your class. I always try to improve my writing every year and your straightforward comments and constructive criticism truly always helped me do just that. Being that I did not have you as my English teacher during my sophomore year, I felt like I was at a disadvantage and slightly underprepared since I did not have an English teacher at the beginning of the school year; however, you made sure to review the lessons that were not covered in my sophomore year English class as well as tried to at least expose us to a bit of everything. Aside from just the academic aspect, I really enjoyed and looked forward to being in your class, despite me being slightly more reserved – the way you teach is so engaging and the stories you told us depending on what we were learning were so entertaining. I definitely learned a lot from those stories and the way you always managed to tie them back to the lessons was amazing. I cannot think of a single dull moment in your class – you made learning English even more enjoyable than I already found it. The advice you gave us will always stick with me and I was very grateful that you were always so willing to share your experiences and motivate us, even if it was indirectly most of the time. At the end of the year when we were focusing more on college and our careers, I really appreciated the way you supported my career plans and made me feel validated. Thank you for all of your help and for being such an amazing teacher.

Natasha Borda