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Supporting Virtual Chapter Communications

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As each school, district, and state deals with the health crises raging across the country, NEHS sends thoughts of care and concern to each of you. Tackling education via online learning is a challenge in the best of circumstances, let alone having such a protocol thrust on schools so quickly. All anyone can do is try to do their best, with grace and patience.  The latest newsletter detailed some of the modifications to NEHS procedures we have set in place for the coming months.

While we realize NEHS may be lower on your list of priorities at the moment, we also believe that trying to connect members may give everyone a sense of normalcy. Soon, we will be inviting NEHS Advisors to share ideas about how the Society members might sustain chapter activities virtually—there is likely a whole realm of possibilities for creative literacy initiatives. Look for a special email invitation to arrive with details on how to share your suggestions. And, thank you for your leadership and expertise—one of the emerging motifs from this crisis is how inspiring educators are as they continue to teach and love their students. We salute you!