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Junior Summer Study Stipend Now Available

Dave Wendelinby Dave Wendelin
Director of NEHS

In our continuing efforts to provide opportunities for National English Honor Society members, we are pleased to announce that two awards for summer studies have been established. These $750 awards are reserved for students who are currently juniors, rising to the senior class in the fall of 2013.

iStock_000004142025XSmallThese awards are intended to support students who have been accepted into a learning opportunity that is closely connected to English studies. Acceptance to a school-sponsored program, a local college or university course of study, or perhaps a travel experience would qualify for consideration. The financial award is intended to be used for travel expenses, tuition, room and board, or study materials. It is not to be used for incidentals or personal items. Parents or guardians, along with NEHS Chapter Advisors, will be asked to sign the application form verifying the program of study.

Students awarded the stipends, which will be judged competitively based on the application documents, will be expected to write about their experiences and how they were able to deepen their understanding and appreciate for the English language arts. The writing, accompanied by pictures provided by the award winners, will appear in the NEHS Museletter blog in the fall.


View details and application information for Junior Summer Study Stipend.

Specific application processes are outlined and the application form, which must accompany a letter detailing the specifics of the study and the student goals.


Applications sent electronically must be received by 11:59 p.m., CDT on May 3, 2013; applications mailed must be postmarked by May 3, 2013.