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National Day on Writing Challenge

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October 20 marks the 10th anniversary of the National Day on Writing, bringing a focus to the importance of crafting articulate and influential writing in all walks of life. As November draws near, two days may be prime opportunities for NEHS chapters to continue to write for significant purposes. November 6 is Election Day and November 12 is Veterans Day; how might your NEHS chapter combine these two dates with writing? How might you connect writing with the freedoms for which our Veterans fought that is represented in our right to vote? Might you:

  • why-do-you-write-2Make arrangements to visit a local retirement community, interviewing veterans about their life stories and compiling those histories into a memory book for them;
  • Invite grandparents and other seniors to a small school reception to honor their service to the country;
  • If your school is a polling location, ask senior voters for their thoughts about what Veterans Day and Election Day mean to them and write their responses on cards to be posted later;
  • Hold a “read-a-thon” using Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation;
  • Develop a quotation mural, writing the reasons why elections are so important in our democratic society;
  • Find out who among your peers are eighteen and eligible to vote for the first time—what are their thoughts about assuming this step into adulthood?
  • Challenge—devise a meaningful event unique to your community!

NEHS challenges you to use the National Day on Writing as a springboard into November and to share your event ideas, successes, and pictures with us. Email Dave Wendelin or tag us on social media and we will use our social media outlets to highlight your outstanding efforts!

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