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Affiliation Fee Extensions

090820-Deadline Extension

In response to the COVID-19 challenges, NEHS realized many chapters would find it difficult to coordinate paying affiliation fees in the spring. While the NEHS Connect system continued to notify Advisors of fee due dates by sending regular invoices, we extended the timeline for payment to September 30, 2020. That date is now approaching; as schools open again, we look forward to helping get all chapters back on track with the annual fee; at the same time, we understand the continuing challenge some will have with membership campaigns and inductions. As mentioned in previous newsletters, an in-person ceremony is NOT required.

As you begin to have NEHS meetings, particularly if in a virtual situation, please share the creative ways you are keeping your chapters engaged. You may send those ideas to; we’ll share those ideas through social media as a way to support each member in the Society. Thank you.

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