About Us

Welcome to The NEHS Museletter, the official blog that connects you to members on the local, regional, and Society levels of National English Honor Society (NEHS).

As readers and writers who have a love of English in all its forms—literature, film, graphic novel, non-fiction, essay—we invite you to write for the blog and to read the entries of other members of NEHS from around the country and from our international chapters. We hope The NEHS Museletter will become another source of information about membership opportunities, chapter activities, new books or new approaches to classics, learning opportunities, and conversations about taking the next academic step into higher education. We hope to include in the near future articles written by student leaders from NEHS, members who will share unique aspects of their chapters, schools, and communities.  Don’t miss a word, subscribe today!

Do you know about an event that your chapter is creating? Have you discovered an interesting article about the latest trends in English, or graphic novels, or lit to film adaptations? Do you want to share your creative writing and solicit feedback from your peers? Let us know! This blog will evolve with your interests, needs, and expectations for National English Honor Society. We welcome the participation of NEHS students and Advisors.